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Public Articles

SyngeryInc (TBD) is looking for an experienced android application developer that will be the key player in creating a simple picture game designed to help program computers.
Applicant must be a team player, self motivated, driven and willing to work under little to no supervision to complete stated goal.
Please refer to for reference to end goal.
Applicants must submit portfolio of applications they have developed/co-developed as well as cover letter.
All hires will be incorporated into the company as a long term partner and paid a percentage of profits incurred by application developed in the long term.
This is a long term contracted hire, not temporary.
Benefits including health, eye, dental, and life insurance will become available upon successful marketing of project.

Please email all applications to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for review

External references:  (Temporary domain) <---optional once website has become settled**

Send us a donation to help us launch our first few products.

*This is a test post to see how the E-commerce site is working. Any purchases here will be considered a gift or donation and may not be refundable.* $20.00?

We should do everything in our power to prevent Martial Law in the United States of America.

Here are five reasons why Martial Law will destroy 'US'.

  1. Unlike the American Revolution, not enough US citizens are capable or willing to fight to take-over or rebuild our nation. In the revolution where the balance of power between all the sides was not to far imbalanced like it would be today with US citizens turning in their guns, not having more than a week or two of resources. The opposing forces have massive high tech military hardware, jets, intelligence, drones, and years of supplies in stockpiles.
  2. At the onset of martial law, all industry, business, and supplies are taken under military control. With the average American having less than 2 weeks of supplies, this causes a massive strain on the supply chain making it difficult to get basic needs to survive. Without food, water, electricity, or heat, Americans get