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November, 4th 2008: The instigators group is not really existence anymore.
The majority of the founding members still keep in contact and hang out on occasion
but as far as our well known internet activities and services go, we all work for an
honest living. As the culture of the internet changed, no longer is a group like ours
(known for the protection and justice of others) required for personal internet security.
Other legal agencies have taken over the duty of protecting the security of the public
as they venture around the internet. You might also notice how it is now more dangerous
than ever to be using the internet. That's what happens when you let officials take over
and replace the firm quick and decisive actions a private group of technology junkies
could once deliver. This web domain will be kept for many years, but currently has no
purpose yet. If you have ideas that you can't live without. Shoot an e-mail to webmaster
using the domain name.

A brief update on what some of the members are doing as of now range from things like
professional teaching careers, physical sciences, to tech jobs at some of the USA's largest
companies. Including information security and communications. Goes to show a hobby and
lifestyle can become a future from some of the great mines our world has to offer.

Just remember one thing. Don't get in too much trouble or your fate will be sealed.


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